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Our Logo


Logo HRF

images-01The TREE


Growth, Connectivity, Stability, Creation

Taking the metaphor of a tree, the logo speaks of growth and creation. Where the seed you plant today bears fruit tomorrow.

The criss crossing lines and nodes speak of connectivity and networking. This represents the network the fund enables for the companies, as well as the relationships and bonds between individuals and organisations. HR companies deal closely with relationships.

trunk-and-branchesThe TRUNK AND BRANCHES

The trunk and branches represent the funded companies that are helped by the fund to grow and develop.

The nodes represent individuals and organisations connected to each other. They also represent the fruit that is eventual reward.

earth-and-the-skyEARTH and the SKY

The stability, strength and grounding of the earth, with the optimism, vastness and freedom of the sky.


Green is associated with growth, regeneration, fertility and rebirth for its connections to nature.

It is also the colour of Money.