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Two of three Indian Job Seekers Unqualified

WheeboxWhile the vast talent pool in the country may be lamenting about the lack of job opportunities, two out of three job seekers do not meet the job provider’s requirements and hence are not considered fit for the jobs available, suggests a joint study by CII, PeopleStrong, and Wheebox.

Portraying a somewhat gloomy picture, when it comes to hiring scenario, the report christened as India Skills Report, suggested that the coming year would not see bullish hiring in any of the sectors. Out of about 10 sectors surveyed, majority of the sectors like BFSI, BPO/ITES, Manufacturing etc, are not expected to see a major change in their hiring numbers. Engineering & Core, hospitality and travel, came out as the only sectors, where there will be a significant increase in the hiring numbers.

“The report has been the first attempt to bring the supply and demand sides of talent on the same platform. Next step is to make it more inclusive using our standardised assessments for half a million graduating students and in the coming years our focus would be to increase its coverage and create standard reporting guidelines for the Indian Skill Landscape,” said Nirmal Singh, founder and CEO of Wheebox.

Pankaj Bansal, co-founder and CEO of PeopleStrong, on his parts, hoped that with each new edition of India Skills Report, they would be able to leverage these interactions and chart out a path for resolving the talent supply-demand mismatch issue. An interesting general trend amongst the employers as noticed by the joint study was that the employers now look for skills rather than qualifications in candidates. Apart from this, the report has in-depth analysis of the skill pool based on the gender, age-group, and domain along with the states where the most employable pool can be found. Significantly, the report said that it had been a great challenge for India Inc to maintain gender diversity. Ironically, the number of women employees across industries, at present, is low. And based on the gender, it was found that the quality of female candidates is better than males.

Originally published by Financial Chronicle on 9 December 2013