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Technology paves way for a highly competitive HR cosmos

Jun 17, 2013, 09.23AM IST

Apeksha Kaushik, TimesJobs.com Bureau

Nearly 54% of organisations will be focusing on significant technology investments to manage the global workforce, revealed a TimesJobs.com study.

The evolving "boundaryless" work environments demands dynamism in recruitment, work process, organisation structure, internal and global workforce operations, resulting in increased need to have IT enabled HR services. Technology savvy HR professionals are the need of the hour. Industry experts believe that any HR team facilitated by technology can efficiently manage the multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce, across the globe.

The (hi)-tech benefits

HR is a very crucial function of any organisation. Technology helps the HR professionals to streamline the basic recruitment process so that they have time to focus on other vital and strategic aspects of their job.

Also, it aids in reaching out to a large, perse talent pool, with minimal effort - saving on time, energy and money. Technology also helps in organising the vast database of HR departments and simplifying the initial sifting and short-listing process. Further, it assists in setting up standard evaluation tools. Overall, the technology employed in HR functions, aids organisations in taking quick and wise hiring decisions.

Staying updated

With the insurgence of technology in HR, organisations are offering training to their respective HR departments to keep them updated about the latest happenings and innovation in the field.

Since, the hiring space is a highly competitive market, organisations are experimenting and inventing new technologies every other day, to stay ahead of their counterparts. Thus, merely knowing the existing technologies doesn't help. HR professionals, today, need to be aware, informed and skilled enough to utilise the HR-related technologies, efficiently and effectively. For the same, there is need of constantly updating the HR staff regarding the available options, innovations in the sphere and providing the necessary guidance and training to them.

Word of caution

Some feel that extensive use of technology in HR can present challenges in the form of reduced job opportunities for HR professionals in the near future. But, industry experts rule out this threat. According to Mahesh Ramalingam, Regional Head of Talent Acquisition & Service Delivery - South Asia, Thomson Reuters, "If you look at a larger industry level - when there is more automation, there is more need of support, maintenance staff."

Way ahead

Ramalingam stated that HR IT is a need of the hour and organisations. "Be it big or SM enterprises, organisations are increasingly investing in this area. I would tend to agree that it has to and can innovate further," he said in a live chat session on TimesJobs.com.

"The continued growth of technology, social media, and easy communications now makes it possible for most knowledge work and team activities to occur remotely. Allowing top talent to work 'wherever they want to work' improves retention and makes recruiting dramatically easier," asserted Meenakshi Roy, Sr. Vice President Human Resources, Reliance Broadcast Network.