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The Cool New space where HR and Social Technology Converge

The convergence of HR and social technology over the last couple of years has resulted in several social technology companies being spawned providing a range of services in HR such as social recruiting, social recognition, recruitment, talent management, analytics, etc. McKinsey Global Institute’s The Social Economy 2012 report is bang on the spot and says that there is…

“… twice as much potential value in using social tools to enhance communications, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within and across enterprises.”

Many of these new HR applications are compatible with smart phones and tablets taking usability to a whole new level. The new mantras in these technologies are ease of access (through multiple channels and devices), self-service, collaboration and analytics. Product interfaces are losing their boring MIS style interfaces and are becoming cleaner, sharper and cooler!

India has been no exception with companies such as QuadMo and MindTickle. QuadMo is an innovative software firm focused on Employee Reward and Recognition solutions. MindTickle team has created a gamification to create “delightful learning and engagement experiences” – that are delivered as a hassle free software-as-a-service solution.

The HR-social-technology space has become the next big thing and many tech startups are viewing this space with much anticipation. The question is will these companies grow, or will they sell and move on to another venture? This choice will ultimately determine how innovative and stable this space becomes in the coming years.